Thursday, 30 April 2015

Term 2 Computers

Beginners Computing, Eastbay REAP, Whakatane

These participants are the first lot of beginners this term as the programme is getting popular by demand in the area.  Many students that attend the beginners classes have no or limited knowledge in computers.  This is the first step to the pathway  learning in the digital world followed by the Stepping Up then ICDL.  Confidence is a huge factor that we have seen grow throughout our beginners computing classes.

Stepping Up Eastbay Reap, Whakatane

This is the first day for the Stepping Up group.  Some of these students are from the "Beginners Computing" classes.  The Tutor Lynaire Moeau demonstrates on the projector digital steps to modules:  Office suite 2010, social media and internet.

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