Wednesday, 2 September 2015

James Street Graduation

Computers in homes, James Street School Whakatane graduates 2015
The Parents from James Street School waited with excitement, ready to receive their computers to take home to there families.   Some of the group have signed up to the next steps in their digital journey. Feedback from parents;
P.Lawrence    We could now do our CV and look for job opportunities online. 
D. Baker         Having a computer at home will increase my children's knowledge in the digital 
S. Rua            I can now help my daughter (pink Jersey) with her digital homework.
The Principal (Nora) was very happy to see parents at the school participating in the Computer in Homes Programme, as it had been the first time some parents have done so.
A big thankyou to the tutor (Sandra) who delivered the content of the programme with patience & compassion. 

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